Copper Tin - Scent Put Them in the Pot

Copper Tin - Scent Put Them in the Pot

Ignite your senses with our Copper Tin Put Them in the Pot Candle. Let the smoky and woody sweetness of balsamic resins and patchouli envelope herbaceous florals, creating a bewitching and captivating scent.

The top notes of citrus, violet, and heliotrope add a touch of freshness, while the middle notes of violet, clove, and geranium infuse a sense of mystery. The base notes of patchouli, pine, and vanilla complete the fragrance with a warm and enchanting aroma.

Light it up and let the magic unfold. Stir the pot of enchantment and embrace the spellbinding atmosphere.

$25.00 8oz

Ignite Tranquility

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